Tax and Financial Challenges of Retirement Planning: Social Security, Medicare and Elder Care (TCRP)

Mary Beth Franklin, David L. Cowan, Erin D. Merkle, Michael J. Tucker, CPA, LL.M. (moderator)
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This program will be divided into three parts, and each part will address specific areas of retirement planning. Part I focuses on Social Security.  As the population of the United States ages and Baby Boomers retire, tax practitioners are often asked when is the best time for unmarried individuals, married couples, divorced couples and surviving spouses to begin taking Social Security benefits. Many clients ask when Medicare kicks in, what it covers, and how much it costs.  Many of our clients are concerned about how an individual can obtain nursing home coverage in old age without completely exhausting his or her financial resources as well as those of other family members. This part of this program features Mary Beth Franklin, a popular national speaker on this topic who presented on the All-Star Tax Series last year. Mary Beth will provide you with the background to knowledgeably discuss the various options still available to Social Security beneficiaries after the 2015 law changes.


Part II focuses on Medicare and features expert David Cowan, who will discuss, among other topics, how to obtain Medicare coverage, how much Medicare coverage costs, and when it might be better to forgo Medicare for other types of health care coverage.   


In Part III, elder law attorney Erin Merkle will discuss Title 19 planning and other topics relating to elder law, including asset protection for individuals considering long-term care insurance in the future, long-term care insurance, and reverse mortgages. 

Major Topics:

  • When and how individuals and couples should begin to take  Social Security retirement benefits
  • Maximizing Social Security benefits for married couples, divorced couples and surviving spouses in light of 2015 changes
  • What Medicare is,  how it works, and how much it costs
  • Title 19 and other elder care topics

Learning Objectives

  • Advise clients as to when they should begin to take Social Security retirement benefits
  • Advise clients with respect to enrolling in Medicare
  • Advise clients with respect to Title 19 and how to evaluate the options to finance long-term institutional care

Tax practitioners who anticipate advising clients with respect to Social Security retirement benefits, Medicare, and elder care issues  

A basic understanding of the tax rules relating to individual income tax




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