Individual Tax Update and Planning Strategies (ITXP)

Michael J. Tucker, JD, CPA
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Webinar : November 18, November 24
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Tax practitioners should be on top of changes brought about by the Secure Act and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which together created a new planning environment for individual taxpayers starting in 2020. This program covers individual tax developments and tax planning strategies individuals should consider for 2020 and later years. The program is particularly focused on planning for individuals who claim the standard deduction. In addition, many taxpayers who in the past were subject to the AMT are no longer subject to that tax, a significant change for taxpayers in high-tax states. 

Major Topics:

  • New IRS pronouncements, regulations and rulings impacting individuals for 2020 and after
  • Impact of the U.S. presidential election on individual tax planning strategies
  • Tax Court decisions impacting individual taxpayers for 2020 and after
  • Income-shifting transfers in light of the change in the Kiddie Tax and the large transfer tax exemption amount
  • Making use of new 529 plan rules
  • Implementing extender provisions impacting individuals for 2020

Learning Objectives

  • Advise clients regarding individual tax changes taking effect in 2020
  • Discuss individual tax planning strategies that result from Secure Act tax changes with clients

Tax practitioners who anticipate advising individual clients regarding tax changes and tax planning strategies


A basic understanding of the tax rules relating to individual income tax




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