Dealing with the IRS When a Client Gets Audited

Robert J. Feenan, CPA, Ian Redpath, Esq., Lance Weiss, CPA, CVA, Michael J. Tucker, JD, CPA (moderator)
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  • Intermediate
  • Taxes

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As the IRS refines its audit selection procedures, more taxpayers with significant tax issues find themselves targets of well-prepared IRS agents. This program will address how to react when clients are notified that they are under IRS audit and will lay out a roadmap for dealing with the IRS as the audit proceeds, whether the audit is a correspondence, office or field examination. The panel’s experienced tax professionals will share their knowledge and insights to help tax practitioners be ready to help clients resolve IRS audits successfully. 

Major Topics:

  • Who the IRS audits and why
  • How to avoid becoming an easy target for an IRS audit
  • The techniques and procedures involved in handling an IRS audit
  • How to deal with IRS Revenue Agents
  • Options available when a taxpayer disagrees with a proposed tax assessment
  • When case appeals or litigation make sense
  • How to approach an acceptable offer to settle during an appeal
  • How to avoid tax return preparer penalties 

Learning Objectives

  • Represent clients at all stages of an audit of a tax return
  • Co-represent clients with attorneys so as to most fully protect the client’s interest

  • Any tax practitioner who is now representing a client under IRS audit or who anticipates representing an individual or a business in an IRS audit
  • Any tax practitioner who will counsel a client about taking risky or questionable positions on a tax return
  • Any tax practitioner currently handling an IRS appeal or who is considering bringing a case to Appeals
  • Any tax practitioner trying to develop a strategy for dealing with an IRS audit

A basic understanding of the federal tax rules relating to individuals and businesses




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