Tax Practitioner's Guide to Buying or Selling a Business (BYSB)

Michael J. Tucker, CPA, LL.M., Ian J. Redpath, Edward Renn, Esq., Lance Weiss, CPA, CVA
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Buying or selling a business is a complex transaction with many tax variables, such as whether the transaction is an asset sale, a stock sale or an acquisitive reorganization, the types of entities involved as buyer and seller, and whether there are hidden liabilities and/or assets the buyer does not want.  In 2019, sellers with capital gains have the new option to defer tax on their gain by investing in an Opportunity Zone Fund.  This program is an examination of the tax consequences to the buyer and seller of a business, presented by panelists with decades of experience shepherding business sales to closing.

Major Topics:

  • Differences between an asset sale and a stock sale
  • Tax consequences associated with the sale of a partnership/MMLLC interest
  • Section 754, Section 338 and Section 338(h)(10) elections
  • Acquisition of a Schedule C business and allocation of consideration paid for a business under the residual method
  • Acquisitive and divisive reorganizations that facilitate the sale of a business
  • Ordinary or capital gain or loss for business property
  • Tax consequences of the sale of tangible and intangible property, including goodwill
  • Consulting agreements and employment agreements between buyers and sellers
  • Using an investment in an Opportunity Zone Fund to defer gain on the sale of a business

Learning Objectives

Advise clients regarding the tax aspects associated with buying and selling a business

Tax practitioners who anticipate advising clients regarding the purchase or sale of a business

A basic understanding of the tax rules relating to individual income tax




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