Business Tax Update and Planning Strategies (BUSU)

Edward A. Renn, Esq., Eric Yauch, Esq., Robert Lickwar, CPA, Michael J. Tucker, CPA, LL.M.
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Tax reform has significantly altered the planning landscape for businesses and business owners. Our program begins with coverage of new, important changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act taking effect January 1, 2020 that every business owner should be familiar with. We then discuss the impact of new bonus depreciation rules, Section 179 rules and their interaction with the repair regulations.  We also discuss the rules for taxing employer provided parking spots. Our topics include the new Section 83(i) election and how it relates to the 83(b) election. We also discuss planning around the restrictions on deducting settlement payments and changing methods of accounting to produce tax advantages for businesses. Topics relating to partnerships include how and why partnerships elect out of the new partnership audit regime and how the Section 163(j) business interest limitation impacts partners and partnerships. The program concludes with strategies to take advantage of the Section 199A deduction and new rules relating to distributions from C corporations that converted from S corporation status.

Major Topics:

  • New tax law changes and IRS pronouncements relating to businesses
  • When claiming 100% bonus depreciation and maximizing the Section 179 deduction is a good option for business owners
  • Maximizing the benefit of the Section 199A deduction
  • Electing out of the Section 163(j) interest limitation
  • Limits on commuting expenditures, meals and entertainment
  • How the $250,000/$500,000 loss limitation works and what happens to the excess losses
  • Dealing with qualified improvement property
  • Investing in Qualified Opportunity Funds

Learning Objectives

  • Advise clients regarding business tax planning changes taking place in 2019
  • Understand business tax planning strategies resulting from Tax Cuts and Jobs Act tax changes

Tax practitioners who anticipate advising business clients regarding tax changes and tax planning strategies

A basic understanding of the tax rules impacting pass-throughs and individuals  




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