Business Tax Update and Planning Strategies (BTUP)

Robert C. Lickwar, CPA, Lawrence K. Pon, CPA, Julie A. Welch, CPA, CFP, Michael J. Tucker, JD, CPA (moderator)
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Webinar : December 07, December 15
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This program reviews business-related tax changes for 2022 that will affect individuals and entities. The panelists will analyze new tax legislation, IRS rulings and notices, and court cases that affect the taxation of businesses. The course will also cover new and revised tax credits available for businesses.

Major Topics:

  • New legislation enacted in 2022 that affects individual taxpayers
  • Analyzing choice of entity determinations for 2022
  • Changes to how the net investment income tax applies to business-related income
  • Changes to the rate of tax on business transactions and investments
  • How the interest limitations under Section 163(j) apply for 2022
  • Noncorporate loss limitations under Section 461(l)
  • Tax credits designed to encourage businesses to be more environmentally friendly
  • New developments relating to the taxation of pass-through entities

Learning Objectives

  • Understand business-related tax changes for 2022

Any tax practitioner who will be preparing business-related income tax returns for 2022

A basic understanding of individual income tax rules




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