Section 199A: Taking Advantage of the 20% Deduction for Pass-through Entities

Karen Davis, EA, Joshua Becker, Esq., Lance Weiss, CPA, CVA, Michael J. Tucker, CPA, LL.M. (moderator)
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  • Intermediate
  • Taxes

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Section 199A, whose 20% deduction can offer major value for clients, is one of the most technically challenging provisions of the new tax rules. Tax practitioners must know how Section 199A works in great detail so their clients can take advantage of the enormous opportunities this provision offers. This program will equip tax professionals with the knowledge to help clients implement Section 199A and maximize the 20% deduction.

Major Topics:

  • Maximizing the 20% deduction for pass-through entities and Schedule C’s
  • Taxable income limits on specified service trade or businesses
  • How to identify a specified service trade or business
  • Calculating qualified business income (QBI)
  • Whether a particular tax entity offers a greater Section 199A deduction
  • What happens when the taxpayer owns multiple entities
  • Whether the owner of a Schedule E with net rental income can claim the Section 199A deduction
  • What happens if QBI for a given year is negative

Learning Objectives

Possess the knowledge and insights to maximize the benefits of the Section 199A deduction

Any tax practitioner wishing a more thorough understand the planning implications and strategies associated with the recently enacted Section 199A 20% deduction

Experience with handling basic individual income tax transactions




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